Meet The Team

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Role: ∞

I am particularly fond of people who act outside of the norm, the oddities and curiosities, and those hailing from the chaotic neutral alignment.


Role: Host, Moderator, Blogger

Long time fan of anime, sci-fi, and dark fantasy. Has a massive collection of soundtracks. Cooks.


Role: Event Host

Usually in a costume. Cthulhu enthusiast. Shiba Inu wrangler. So-bad-its-good movie buff. Gandalf is a wizard, Harry Potter is not. The Spice must flow. What is a man? Loves chili dogs & going fast.


Role: Event Host

Big Zelda and Dragon Ball geek, virtual tour photographer, ambivert and digital artist. I love organizing group activities that involves hiking rough terrains, competitive board games, and geeking out over anime and pop culture of the 80s and 90s.


Role: Blogger

Hi, I'm a wellness coach who studies theology in my spare time. I enjoy taking care of my cat, and writing on my blog,


Role: Forum Moderator

I'm a technical consultant. Basically it means I know more about technology then the people I help. When they get stuck. I get a call. I'm very flexible I work with whatever is necessary audio/visual equipment, networking, personal computers, site design and assessment.